YieldBuild FAQ

Getting Started

What ad networks does YieldBuild work with?

You can directly associate with your Google AdSense account. That means you continue to get paid by Google, and YieldBuild just optimizes the ads (YieldBuild does not take a fee/cut for this service).

The Premium Display Ad Program aggregates ads from exclusive sources like Advertising.com, Tribal Fusion, and others. YieldBuild takes care of getting your site approved by the ad partners, and YieldBuild pays you.

Do I have to link my AdSense account?

No, linking your AdSense (or any) account is not required. You can solely use YieldBuild for access to the Premium Display Ad Program.

Why do I see a warning message that "hubpages.com" accessed my Google AdSense account?

Please note that by associating your AdSense account with your YieldBuild account, you are granting YieldBuild third-party access to your AdSense account. This is for data gathering purposes only; we will only be gathering the necessary reporting data to optimize your ads and present your AdSense performance in the YieldBuild reporting console.

YieldBuild will appear in your list of third-party access sites as www.hubpages.com; this is YieldBuild’s parent company. You can choose to disable access through your AdSense account settings at any time, but by doing so, YieldBuild will not be able to optimize your ads correctly and AdSense performance data will not appear in your YieldBuild reporting console.

How is YieldBuild set up?

The code is a Javascript snippet and installed just like any other ad tag. You can directly embed it in your site code or install in your ad server.

Will YieldBuild work with my ad server?

Since YieldBuild gives you standard Javascript ad tags, it should work with just about every ad server.

Does YieldBuild change my page layout?

No. You simply have to choose ad zones (specific regions) on the page where an ad might be served. YieldBuild will not alter anything outside the ad zones.

How do I get paid if I run YieldBuild?

For the Premium Display Ad Program, we pay on a net/60 basis in the form of a check (or PayPal, on request). If you choose to associate Google AdSense to your YieldBuild account, you will continue to be paid directly by Google.

After Setup

How long before I begin to see YieldBuild working?

YieldBuild requires a training period in order to test layouts and formats live with your site’s traffic. As YieldBuild learns more about your traffic, it will refine the ad layouts in order to maximize clicks and revenue, and you will see performance continually improve. The first training period takes several thousand page views for three to five zones to fully optimize your site’s ads, although each site differs and your training period often depends on your site’s traffic patterns. Additional zones require longer training periods.