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YieldBuild helps Web publishers make more money on their existing ads. YieldBuild Publishers Solution is the industry’s finest ad network management, reporting and aesthetic optimization solution. YieldBuild helps websites maximize revenue-generating potential from online advertising in two different ways. First, it optimizes an ad’s visual characteristics (background color, border color and style, position on the page, and ad layout) based on each page’s specific traffic pattern. Second, it helps manage your ad networks by determining which ad will perform best in each placement at any given time. Additionally, YieldBuild offers consolidated reporting so that you can monitor your performance and manage your inventory allocation across your ad networks.

YieldBuild installs easily. It works with your existing Google AdSense account, provides comprehensive reporting, and continuously optimizes without guesswork and ongoing maintenance. YieldBuild clients have seen their revenue increase as much as 200 percent.

Why should I sign up with YieldBuild?

For Web Publishers, YieldBuild removes the complexity of decision-making by automating the process of maximizing ad revenue. It saves you time and money.

Without a tool like YieldBuild, making your ads perform at their peak efficiency is difficult due to the multiple variables involved, including:

  • Deciding which ad size, color, and format ad to display.
  • Choosing the most lucrative ad network for each page’s ads, and deciding when is the best time to run it.
  • Picking the right location for the ads, which involves:
    • The right number of ads (Avoiding a cluttered page)
    • The right mix of ads (Ensuring different ads work well together)
    • Determining the point at which visitors will ignore the ads, and preventing it from happening.
    • Creating visibility across ad networks and monitoring performance

YieldBuild provides an easy, all-in-one solution. Publishers will realize their ads true money-making potential without being subjected to a tricky program installation or ongoing upkeep. It is a vital tool that you’ll use on a regular basis, as YieldBuild will:

  • Remove the fuss of managing and monitoring your ad networks.
  • Allow you complete control over where ads can be displayed on your page.
  • Continually retest optimized layouts to reflect traffic pattern changes and to prevent repeat-user “ad blindness.”
  • Provide rich reporting to track your site’s ongoing revenue performance.
  • Work with your existing ad network accounts, so your payment and analytics processes are uninterrupted.

YieldBuild is the only solution that fully removes the obstacles that prevent you from maximizing your site’s revenue-generating potential through online advertising. Operating behind the scenes, it makes your ads more effective while maintaining the user experience you’ve created.

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