The YieldBuild Team

Paul Edmondson Co-Founder and CEO

Paul was part of the executive team at MongoMusic, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2000. Paul held group management positions at MSN Entertainment over product management, quality management, operations, and business management. Paul left Microsoft as the Group Product Manager of MSN Entertainment. Before MongoMusic and Microsoft, Paul was a developer at Hewlett Packard. Paul hails from San Luis Obispo, and graduated from California Polytechnic University.

Jay Reitz Co-Founder and Former Vice President, Engineering

Jay was a developer at MongoMusic at the time of its acquisition by Microsoft, and subsequently rose quickly in the Microsoft development organization. Starting as an individual contributor, five years later he left Microsoft as the Development Manager for MSN Entertainment. Jay grew up in Baltimore and Palo Alto, and studied computer science at Stanford University.

Paul Deeds Co-Founder and General Manager of HubPages

Before working at HubPages, Paul was a developer at MongoMusic. Paul is a prolific programmer and wrote a large percentage of the MongoMusic code base. Paul continued as a developer at Microsoft working on search engines, match technologies, and scalable data systems. A Michigan native, Paul graduated from Tufts University with a degree in computer science and quantitative economics.